Lucky Strike - Provincial Kitchen - Coffee and Wine Lounge - Clunes
Lucky Strike Lounge closed down in September 2016.

We, Wendy Roberts and Gary Sharp, the owners of Lucky Strike Lounge, along with our lovely staff, who we couldn't have done it without, would like to thank each and every one of our friends and patrons that have attended and supported the restaurant in the last two and a half years.

We need to give a special mention to these staff members: Ronnie and Janet, Lily and Evie. They really got the place moving and deserve our most warm and sincere thanks.

We would also like to mention the current crew (whilst not forgetting Josh, who sort of "came of age" in his career at Lucky Strike), Mary Ann, Alexandra (Alex), Alethea, who were wizzes on the floor and at the POS; the lovely Grace, who was a wiz at everything (always done with a smile; did I say always!) and for who nothing was too much trouble, and Deb, who, at unearthly hours, kept the place clean. Also to anyone we might have missed – a big thanks to you all.

It's been a great journey and we trust that Lucky Strike, in its own small way, has contributed to the continuing growth of Clunes.

For any information, please contact Wendy Roberts by email

PS: Lucky Strike Lounge's original owners, Cherie and Mark, will open a shop at the same location.